Four Cups of Coffee a Day May Halve Risk of Death from Oral Cancer

Coffee is essential to the morning routines of many people as well as a beverage people enjoy throughout the day. Now there is new evidence for you to enjoy this drink even more, this time for the health benefits.

New research has shown that people who had four or more coffee beverages throughout the day had a lower risk of getting oral and pharyngeal cancer. Research shows that drinking coffee helps to slow down the growth as well as the progression of the disease if someone should already have the diagnosis.

The study also showed that the full effect of prevention was only found with people who drank regular strength coffee. There was a slight effect with people who drank decaf coffee. There was little to no effect found in people who drank tea.

To learn more about this survey and to find out other information about this new research click here.

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Keep your teeth healthy this 4th of July

4thFourth of July celebrations are a good time to catch up with family and friends, but they can also have hidden dangers to your teeth. To help your celebrations be as joyful as possible Dr. Thatcher and our Northumberland, Pennsylvania dental office staff put together a few dental tips to help your teeth survive the holiday weekend. These will help to keep your smile as bright as the holiday fireworks.

Try to avoid chewing on hard foods and candies.

We know that ice and pretzels are staples among 4th of July BBQS, but try to avoid chewing on these foods so you do not chip a tooth.  To make pretzels safer, try dunking them in water first to soften before chewing. If you do chip a tooth, please call our office immediately, and we will see you as soon as we can.

Drink Water and Eat These Instead

Drinking water will not only keep you hydrated in the warm weather, but it will also help to stimulate saliva in your mouth, which will help to wash away bacteria. Drinks like beer and sodas are very popular at BBQs but be sure to add some water into your day as well. This will help to keep your teeth clean and to keep the pH levels in your mouth normal.

Some snacks may be fun to have a 4th of July celebration, but healthier snacks like cheese, celery sticks and onions will help to keep your mouth healthy.

Do not use your teeth to open  packages

If scissors or bottle openers aren’t readily available, do not resort to using your teeth to open packaging or bottles! While you may not realize it, this type of tooth injury makes up the largest percentage of BBQ related dental problems.

After a long BBQ or party, make sure you brush and floss before heading to bed. Those simple tasks can help you to fight off unnecessary dental work down the road.

We hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July. If you run into any dental problems during the weekend please call our Pennsylvania dental office at (570) 473-8929.

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New Dental App to help you brush

We have so many things to remember these days; we set so many reminders to not forget to pick up the milk or to mail that letter. Now there is an app to remind you that you need to brush your teeth. A dentist in London has created an app, “The Brush DJ” that reminds you of all your dental needs: when to brush, how long to brush, when to change your tooth brush, and when to make an appointment to see your dentist.

Polls have shown that a high percentage of men and women neglect to brush their teeth at night. There is an equally high number of people who forget to floss. The recommended time to brush to your teeth is two minutes; unfortunately the longest time on average is around 45 seconds. This new app can play the song or theme of your choice for the designated two minutes for you to brush your teeth along with.

The app is the wave of technology reminding us of our daily activities. The app though is in no way a means of replacing your routine dental visits and should not be used in that way. The app is a reminder tool for your dental hygiene. To learn more about the app and where you can find it click here.

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5 surprising Things damaging your teeth

What do you think of when you think of things that can harm your teeth? Perhaps you thought of candy, soda, and things high in sugar. There are many different things that can damage your healthy teeth, and some can be very surprising. Swimming, for example, can damage your teeth. The Chlorine in the water can cause the enamel to wear away, which is like removing the protective covering for your tooth.  Even brushing your teeth can be bad. If you over brush your teeth, you can wear away the enamel. Over brushing is considered brushing more than three times a day, or brushing with too much pressure on the toothbrush.

So what can you do to protect your teeth? Doing more research into what can harm your teeth is a good start. Knowing most of the culprits, including the surprising ones in the article is a great way to start.  Ask your doctor if you have any questions about what can harm your teeth and be aware of how you treat them.

To learn the other surprising culprits of tooth damage visit:here

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